Made in Shropshire

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The Shropshire Distillery

Tel: 01691 624417 / 07712273192

We are a small craft distillery based in Ellesmere, Shropshire creating our own artisan-handcrafted premium Gins using traditional copper still methods. We currently have three Gins in our range:

1.      Shire Gin Original - Classic Juniper led dry gin with delicate floral notes captured from Rose petals, with a lightly sweet citrus note from sweet orange and a zesty dryness from grapefruit. Hints of sweetness and warmth are derived from liquorice and Cassia.

2.      Shire Spiced Gin - Juniper led Dry gin with bold spiciness and a little sweetness. Warm woody sweetness and spiced notes from Cassia combined with Cubebs giving a gentle fruity and floral peppery note. Sweet orange gives a light sweet citrus note with a gentle juicy mellowness with cardamom providing subtle floral hints of ginger and spice.

3.      Shire Cherry Gin - Juniper led dry gin distilled with cherries along with pink peppercorns to compliment the cherry twist with a fresh peppery and aromatic character with a touch of red fruitiness. This gin gets it’s vibrant colouring naturally from the cherries with no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.

We are a family run, husband and wife team, distillery with all processes undertaken and completed by us with no third party involvement.

Our Gins are very smooth and give longevity on the palette, which is down to the traditional copper still methods we use. Our gins work very well with various different premium tonics and can also be consumed neat over ice.

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