Made in Shropshire

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Jake Hedge is an Artist Blacksmith working out of small forge in Ludlow, in the heart of rural Shropshire, England.

“Being a Shropshire lad myself I take great pride in creating all of my Ironwork here, there’s a natural feeling about forging in my home county, a place where I draw a lot of my Inspiration from”

At a very young age Jake used to buy hammers at car boot sales with no particular need for wasn’t until much later on in 2012 when he enrolled at the National school of Blacksmithing that he would find a use for them! 3 years later Jake left a fully accredited Blacksmith with the highest possible marks achieved. Whilst still at college Jake had secured a job at a local forge and began work before the term had ended. Working on a varied range of jobs from large architectural work to delicately forged items, whilst also teaching courses in the ‘Academy’ was all an invaluable learning experience.

Opportunity then led Jake down the road of self-employment and he established his own business in 2016.


“It’s impossible not to be entranced by the nature of forge work, a cold and unforgiving material such as steel to be given life in the fire and forged with hammer & anvil to capture something beautiful & with purpose. I’m inspired by the craft of the Blacksmith and find myself happily immersed within it…I am continuously seeking to improve my skills and always strive for perfection in every individual piece. Everything I make is hand forged, mostly using traditional techniques...I find using these techniques create the most aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound work. I’m heavily inspired by nature, a lot of which I see day to day in the Shropshire hills. I enjoy creating organic Ironwork and focus on the forged elements in everything I make, careful use of hammer texturing, traditional joinery or fire-welding can really make a piece special”.


The phrase ‘Organic Ironwork’ is reflected in the materials Jake uses, welsh steam coal fuels a traditional hearth and all of the Ironwork is forged out of English made steel. Jake creates a wide range of beautifully hand forged items such as: fireside tools, candle holders, window & door furniture, curtain poles and finials, decorative organic forms, brackets, handles & latches, kitchenware, hooks and many more unique items forged to last a lifetime. As well as this Jake takes on Sculptural, Architectural & decorative Ironwork commissions of any sort.